Saturday, December 13, 2008

Seeing Stars

This is a wonderful time to see the night sky. In the north, though, the clouds are deep and the bitter cold is not conducive to venturing outside even if the stars were visible.

This is the time of year when I open Stellarium and huddle inside checking the nebulae, constellations and planetary aspects.

This Open Source program never fails to delight and amaze me. My program is configured to open at my exact longitude and latitude to present the view that I would see - if I could see. Stellar. It's easily altered to view the sky from different locations.

Oh, did I mention that this program is gratis? Free? No Charge? And it's worth far more than that.

Fractal image was created in Apophysis...


Saturday, December 06, 2008

Susan Tuttle, Mixed Media

Sometimes following a link from the post of a prized person, in this case it would be Juliet Wilson, Crafty Green Poet, lends itself to a new world of thinking.

When I arrived at the blog of Ilkasattic to find a Book Give Away in progress, I almost forgot to enter.

This lady provides enough brain food for months in just a single post or picture. Trying to get my creative juices flowing again after a near-deadly bout of pneumonia, I cruised this site for hours and my head is spinning with inspiration and creative hope. Exquisite!

This lovely book can be found on Amazon just in time for Christmas and gift giving! What could be better? And be sure to get two so you'll have your very own copy. Happy Holidays!