Friday, September 14, 2007

Write Stuff. Fiction Friday. Free Write.

Dip. Drag. Dip. Drag.

Quill was weary of being used and abused. Her nib hurt and the scratching abuse was worse than anything she'd taken in her lifetime of being used. Used. She hated that. Quill longed to jump away from the dip and drag scene and to log her own comments. Feed her own ego. She was tired of being linked to her owner and yearned for freedom.

Freelancing. She'd heard the term, but was only now realizing that was exactly what she wanted to do. She began to lay escape plans and when her owner next picked her up, she leaked a blot, then another. Left a thin trail of pale ink. Nothing legible.

She choked as the hand squeezed her tighter, then shook her as if to remind her who was boss. Not much longer she thought, then she'd be on her own.

Snap. Snap. That small rite ended her future.


This is my first exploration of free write from an inanimate object's pov. I hope it's the last. :) Actually, thanks for the prompt, Fiction Friday. I was dry.

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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Portable Rainbows

This video clip fascinates me. The four-year-old is enamored with bubble blowing - he started waving wands before he walked.

This clip was easily rendered using MS Photo Story, a free program which is probably already installed on your computer or can be downloaded from the Microsoft site.

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Sunday, September 02, 2007

Edits and Ego

Two recent happenings encouraged me to keep art-ing. One of my abstract paintings was selected by Blood Lotus for their e-zine and three of my digital photos on Better Photo were selected as Editors' Picks. Now the ego part is over - on to edits!

New technology gives rise to the idea that one can't believe his own eyes. Photo editing software can create whatever the mind can dream.

For example, the upper picture is the initial cropped portion from an original scene. The lower one is the desired portion of the first selection which was then placed on a fractal using the color selection tool to match the fractal color to the boy's shirt.

Not to pretend I'm speedy, this took some great time and many errors but it was well worth it. The fully edited photo was published in I Love Cats Magazine.

I used MS Digital Image software for the photo editing and because it's an older edition it was reasonably priced. The fractal was created in Fractal Explorer which is a free program.

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