Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Where'd the Yellow Go?

When did dandelions become classified as plants with the need to be exterminated?

Hanging around all summer in various stages, from vivid sunshine yellow to finely tuned flying seeds, dandelion plant parts can be used for wine, salads and medicinal purposes. They have an innate ability to seed and thrive in the smallest crack of concrete or in the most luscious of lawns.

If the grass seed in my yard had half this staying power, I'd be envied. As it is, my neighbors frown when fuzzy parachutes drift across the fence to take root.

I find them fascinating! I've also learned to wage battles I can win and this surely isn't the one.

Pending Parachutes, Digital Photo by Sue

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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Bathtub to Garden Tub

Yesterday and today I moved plants from the guest bathtub to the great outdoors.

In pure FIFO inventory style, vinca vines were the first addition last fall and the first to move out.

My younger daughter brings her leftover plants when they grow too large or too brown and, even though I have a natural killer thumb, I manage to salvage most by ignoring them except for a random drink.

One granddaughter left a large container of something with one stem on it in my garage along with several boxes of stuff when she left for college the first time - I brought it inside several months afterward when it appeared to have a leaf of life left and it's now grown large and full enough to hide my treadmill. Lucky me!

The tub needs vacuumed and spruced up as there are only a few plants left inside. You might notice that the shower door handle, which came off some years back, serves as a plant shelf. The wrought iron plant stand, formerly in the tub on a mat to prevent tub rust, is now outside and sports a small fountain as well as some freshly moved greens.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Fractal Exploring

A fractal makes a spot of fun in each day. Better than, or at least as good as a multi-vitamin, in my opinion. There are dozens of sites to visit where talented math folks post their luscious designs. Several great freeware fractal programs are available. This fractal was created in Fractal Explorer. Download is quick, the program is user friendly and there are several tutorials posted on the site.

Fractals make wonderful pictures, postcards, greeting cards, magnets, screensavers and desktops. The possibilities are as unlimited as the fractal compositions. My mind is frequently boggled by ideas for their use.

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