Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Where'd the Yellow Go?

When did dandelions become classified as plants with the need to be exterminated?

Hanging around all summer in various stages, from vivid sunshine yellow to finely tuned flying seeds, dandelion plant parts can be used for wine, salads and medicinal purposes. They have an innate ability to seed and thrive in the smallest crack of concrete or in the most luscious of lawns.

If the grass seed in my yard had half this staying power, I'd be envied. As it is, my neighbors frown when fuzzy parachutes drift across the fence to take root.

I find them fascinating! I've also learned to wage battles I can win and this surely isn't the one.

Pending Parachutes, Digital Photo by Sue

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Marcia (MeeAugraphie) said...

Earlier this summer there were so many dandelion seeds spread around, even drifted a bit, had it not been so warm I would have been sure it had snowed the night before. I love dandelions. One year I just let them all bloom, couldn't do that this year.

anni said...

my boss when i worked in a green house always said, "a weed is just a flower no one wants." i like letting all the more natural stuff take over my yard.

Writer on Board said...

Hello Sue Turner,

I'm a city slicker so I don't know much about Dandelions being an endangered species. But I agree with you. They're beautiful. Also, I was thinking of stealing everything on this blog and reposting it all on my own blog this weekend until I saw that ubiquitous blog warning about copyright. That stopped me right in my tracks. (I'm kidding. I'll stop now. It's almost 3am in NYC and I've been writing all night and I'm punchy. Sorry.) And thank you Sue Turner. Thank you.

Crafty Green Poet said...

rabbits love dandelions too.