Monday, January 28, 2008

The Last Piaster

The bold words were to be used in order and without alteration. Not an easy task, not an easy piece but it's done. If you're up for a little mind stretch go to The Last Piaster and try the experimentals listed there - a challenging boggle.


The moon, broken off like sunlight wrinkles

water, opened a spotlight on a red flower

brilliant as blood on fresh fallen snow.

Her fingers, delicate as swan's breast,

gathered the rose from its naked place where
the island stretches off the coast like a rock

on your path that makes you seize up,
makes your backbone rigid like a lightpole
screening bad news while the bicycle careening

down the hill like
a runaway forgets time
can be soft as the eyes on that crazy bird,

its song like a drumbeat of fear, who

chants out its tale. She spun of like visions,

humming along with his monotonous

voice like the thump of old tires.

Night covers the moon to lock her in place,
and her days pass like a long week in hell.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Vinca Flower - The Daily Habit

Trying to winter over a vinca vine, I wiki'd it and the description mentioned a tiny flower. Yeah, right. I'd been watching vincas for a long time without seeing the slightest indication of a blossom. Like snipes, probably. Or submarine races. However, last spring, this tiny lovely blossom jumped forth and made a believer out of me.