Thursday, February 19, 2009

An Artful Confession

As a child, my favorite coloring canvas was an embossed paper napkin. Crayolas, freshly sharpened, were the sticks with which I built my art appreciation. Looking back, I feel sorry for Mom. She must have felt a ton of frustration when she found the napkin drawer either full of colored papery stuff or empty.

Over the years I've been exposed to technique and professionals who live with color wheels, who grind pigments for their own use and who compose by strict golden mean standards.

I've been to the Louvre, MOMA, hundreds of galleries on the major side roads and, in fact, once took part in a co-op gallery where I actually sold my paintings and books.

Looking at this newest combination of Bamboo Fun sketching, Adobe Photo Elements and Pixia it's fairly obvious that I like what I like. Hues, shapes and something indefineable that charges my heart and eyes.

And, Mom, if you're looking down from that heavenly spot - are you pleased to see that I've graduated to no muss, no fuss computer screens and that the napkin drawer is undisturbed?


Wednesday, February 11, 2009


If you are interested in fractals, Benoit Mandelbrot is a good place to start.

Apophysis, Fractal Explorer and MandaExplorer are free software programs that create what you tell them to, or something like that. You'll find links to these and more once you get involved in the fractal world - it's an amazing journey.

A group on Yahoo posts periodically and, through it, this link appeared. The Orbit Trap is a fantastic blog - it'll make your head reel and please your eyes. I've only just begun to read and absorb...but I did notice that the sidebar has links to much of the available software!

Paul N. Lee has lots of information as well.

Good travels to you - and please keep me posted so I can follow you on the fractal trip.

The image is a piece of fractal post-processed in Digital Image and Irfanview.