Sunday, February 17, 2008


I rarely post a link for a company, but this one is absolutely fascinating. Motorola, in a bid to garner sales of their new colored phones, has established a site that turns your cursor into an automatic painting pen. Pick a color, pick a place, click and draw...all automated. The music is soothing and while the site doesn't provide Free Rice for the hungry while you practice your vocabulary, it does provide instant and entertaining art...there are options for your faves to be used for screensavers or e-mailing to friends. I may have saved three trees today!

When the four-year-old comes next time, I'll bet he thinks this site is bigger magic than we've seen recently. Anyway. Or maybe, and this is possible, I'm easy to please. A little color, a few words, a tune or two and I'm well on my way to nirvana or utopia.

Speaking of tunes, I'll mention QuietPath again because her musical CD's are absolutely wonderful.

Life is good.

And, today I received notice that Stranger will be published in Right Hand Pointing, Issue 19.