Wednesday, August 01, 2007

One Hint of Nostalgia

Change comes quickly and leaves me in a state of questioning. When did that building disappear? When did that stand of pines fall for a new gated community? When did the neighborhood grocer leave? When did the traffic arrive? What happened to the little town I knew?

Last fall, I drove to several nostalgic spots to take a photo or two to accompany my gray days - those when I know old has been replaced by new and big.

I like this picture - the bald eagle has been removed from the endangered list. The barn has been re-roofed and added to that list.


Ruela said...

cool pic

Naturegirl said...

It saddens me when the pines fall for another subdivision!! I think of all the animals losing their homes! My heart sinks whenever I see those earth movers!! :( NG

Love your photo!