Sunday, November 30, 2008

NaNoWriMo in the Rear View Mirror

Another year, another novel. I'm laughing and yet serious. Each of the most recent four years have produced words in excess of 50,000 and books have been created from two of those years. The third one will be printed in another month.

This year's writing turned into catharsis rather than a novel when I wrote to purge the two months I spent on a ventilator for pneumonia. The drug of choice was an hallucinogen which created fiction in my mind. For the past few months, the images in my mind kept leaping to the foreground but now that I've written it, it's relegated to a safe place. While there may be parts that I can use for a jump off into something else, it may remain just where it is. An eraser of sorts.

YWriter4 was the software I used and it's spectacular. Free, easy to use and keeps everything written in a format easy to edit and move from place to place. Incredible. Check it out!! He also has software that will convert your typed words to book format, computer readable. It's just flat out nifty. All of it.

The image above is one of the first I 'painted' on Bamboo Fun with Photoshop Elements.


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