Friday, March 13, 2009

A Friday Image

The image began as a drawing in watercolor style on a Bamboo Fun Tablet with Adobe Photoshop Elements 5. Because it didn't have enough color to make me happy, I opened it in Pixia (free software) and added darker red to a few of the pixels. Framefun (free software) helped with the final digital image.

I decided I liked it. But, as I told you earlier, I'm pretty easy when it comes to liking images. I can spend most of a winter day kaleidoscoping through fractals and abstract images while my mind travels off into other worlds.

I could be cooking.

Or dusting.

Or shoveling snow.



Nat said...

I love the coloring. The red has so much expression in this piece. I also love what seems to be the wind blowing across the work.

Anonymous said...

That is absolutely stunning. The colours are gorgeous. You are so talented.

Dave King said...

I am absolutely drooling over this one. Fantastic!