Friday, November 13, 2009

Haiku and Saguaro

spirits on a stick
circle a lone saguaro
dance the moons away

Maybe it's because cacti aren't found here that I'm drawn to them. This particular piece was one of the first that I drew and painted using the Bamboo Fun Tablet in conjuntion with Adobe Photoshop Elements which was part of the package.

Many of the watercolors, as well as pen-and-ink pieces, that I've doodled have held the cacti as subjects - perhaps because their colors and shapes are vividly foreign to the evergreen tones and pine shapes which I'm accustomed to seeing.

This particular image was created by laying down colors and using the smudge tool to move them around until I was satisfied or bored enough to move on. A few 'pencil' lines completed the session.

I think this gray day would be a perfect time to undertake another digital image and see what shakes loose!



b said...

Sue, we have the only Saguaro in our RV park and it is about 15-20' tall. I will post an image soon for you on my blog. Maybe tomorrow! It is so beautiful. I am afraid that a storm burst will blow it over and we will return to our winter home to find it gone. Their bones are even beautiful after the cactus is gone.

Beautiful image. I love the idea of having a bambo. I could just doodle in the evenings.


Anonymous said...

beautiful work