Sunday, July 17, 2011

A Rocky Scribble

    Scribbler Too is a fun little app to use online for quick sketches that take on a life of their own. I've used it several times and the following scribble is my favorite to date.

I recently added a Wacom Touch Crafter Tablet to my arsenal of artsy enticements. The touch part of it reminds me of the iPod or iPad, of which I have neither. :)

At any rate, it's been interesting to finger paint and surf web pages using touch but I must say that playing the chess game that was pre-loaded on my computer with Vista has been a blast, too. There's something about trouncing a king with a touch that makes me grin with pleasure. Not that it happens that often...

Isn't it a fun little program? How's your scribbling?   I don't think it's downloadable. Just use it, copy your masterpiece and return any time you feel an urge. I like it!

♥     ♥     ♥

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Dave King said...

Interesting! Must look into it.